Almak Makine, Ali ATEŞ, set out in the sector in 1972 by manufacturing film and profile pipe machines. In the subsequent years, it concentrated on screw-bush and became the biggest and leader firm in the sector. In 1998, it, together with Altech plastic machinery company, resume the machinery manufacture. Today Althech Plastic Machinery is the leading organization thanks to its powerful staff and experience and knowledge basing on long years.      

The company satisfies requirements of its customers through its plastic recycling systems by means of both its own projects and in line with the customer needs.

     With technological partnership with Germany and Italy, Altech has always been Pioneer in the recycling systems in Turkey. It reinforces its manufacturing line with product such as feedings, systems, head systems, extruders, degassing systems, silo systems, thermoplastic material breaking systems, drying systems, etc. 

Tel : 0212 505 22 73 - 74 Fax: 0212 505 22 39
Adres: Beylikdüzü Org.San. Böl. Mermeciler San.Sit. 10.Cadde No:11/2 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul